Posted by: manilageek | March 3, 2010

Job Interview with Lawson

I went to Lawson office at Net2 bldg. Bonifacio Global City today for an interview for Network Administrator position. At about 10:30 my contact person from HR named Lara called my name and ask me to follow her on the interview room. She ask me HR stuff like why I’m applying? What am looking for a job? etc. After a short chat with her she endorse me to the technical guys for the technical interview.

Two guys arrived I believed from the network department of Lawson, I wasn’t able to get the name of the other guy but the other one named Marku. When they arrive they start going through with my resume, since they only have one copy so i offered the copy that i brought. Marku start by asking me personal and HR type of question like, what i think i need to improve my self? I was caught off gourd with the questions because i was expecting a technical interview. I try to answer all the mushy question with the best of my ability and we get into a little argument when they told me that my answers are contradicting. When we finally went to the technical stuff they only ask me one scenario question and that’s it, where done. I think that technical question is just formality they already maid up their mind that I’m not the guy, after the personal question that they thrown at me.

I guess I’m not that good with interview any more but with the questions that was thrown at me with those two BS I think they are not really looking for a technical savvy network engineer, they are more looking for someone to be their PA or something.

Will that’s life, applying for a job really sucks all I want right now is to complete my CCNP and have a better chances of being pirated so that i wont have to undergo the whole recruitment process.


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