Posted by: manilageek | March 6, 2010

Enabling Cisco device to authenticate locally to VTY/Con line

My wife called me yesterday asking how to enable authentication on VTY line using the created local account. I try to walk her thru and ask her some details about the username command with are the command to create local account and password respectively. She said that they already done that part but when they try to remote the device the account and password is not accepted. So the next thing I ask is to check what the config they put inside the VTY line is. Cut the story short we end the call without resolving the issue and I told her that I will simulate this when I arrive at the office.

At round 6PM and I’m already free I decide to go with the simulation using the two catalyst Cisco switch on my cubicle. Setup the switch with the power cable and the console cable connection to my PC. I starting to configure the switch with “username deviceadmin privilege 15 secret 0 MyPasswdthen instead of using the VTY line I decided to use the con lines since I was already connected to it. I enter the con line then try to search the list of available commands, the only command that I find relevant to my problem is the login command with the parameter of local. I use the command save my config the reload the switch.

After the reload I was ask for the user and password so I enter the username information that I just created and it’s was a success. My newly created local account was used to authenticate access to my console. I move further and created another account with lesser privilege and again it was accepted with the limitation of not being able to enter configure terminal. For the complete command please check below.


SW01#conf t

SW01(config)#username deviceadmin privilege 15 secret 0 MyPasswd


Sw01#line con 0

Sw01(config-line)#login local


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