Posted by: manilageek | March 29, 2010

Interview w/ AT&T Singapore

I was interviewed last Friday with AT&T Singapore. I was able to talk to Renato Gonzales the Manager and Avil Pinto Team Lead.

Renato first ask me how I’m doing and what I feel. I cordially reply that I’m a little bit nervous. He asks me to rate my self in L2, L3 and security. I said that I will put L2 on top of my list with 9, second will be L3 with 7 and Security with 6.

After that small introduction he introduces me to Avil for the technical interview. He started asking if I just stay at home and prepare for the interview or I go to work. I replied that I went to work since my shift is 6AM-3PM, I was able to work and still have enough time to went home for the interview. Avil throw the following questions below.

  1. Describe VLAN and why it should be used?
  2. How can you allow traffic to traverse from one VLAN to another?
  3. What firewall policy should you create to allow this traffic?
  4. What are the types of NAT?
  5. How can I clear NAT table?
  6. What are the types of Firewall?
  7. Differentiate Firewall and Access List?
  8. What are the STP port statuses?
  9. What’s the STP membership process?
  10. What’s the ARP process?
  11. What’s the TCP connection process?
  12. What layer DNS operates?
  13. What does the OSPF multicast address?
  14. Describe BGP?
  15. If I have connectivity problem between my branch office going to my central office, how should you troubleshoot this issue?

We spent almost an hours for the entire interview. With the very bad telephone voice quality I was glad that finished without any major communication issue.

Renato ask me how do I feel and I laugh and said to him “to tell me how I should feel” then he replied that I’m doing okay. He then proceeds and ask me if I have any question for them. I just then said that I’ve done a few digging on the net and found out that they have many Filipino guys on their team and in fact they have considerable amount of people from Network Team Accenture Philippines and that I was able to find Avil’s Facebook account and able to browse his friend list. They then replied that I’m correct and Avil said that he also from Accenture in India.

I hope I get this job… with the money that I’ll be getting at the same time improve my experience drastically since I’ll be working on a big telecommunication company. I will be expose into a lot of technologies and gain a lot of knowledge and at t he same time be able to provide the needs of my family. Hopefully this job is for me…



  1. i hope you pass but was there any other question during 1 hour interview?

    • As far as I can remember it’s the complete list, if ever there are other questions they are just a follow-up from the list. Why are you interested? Are you scheduled for an interview with them? Hopefully I pass, I was advice results will be release next week.

  2. manilageek, how did you apply to AT&T SG? Hope you don’t mind sharing as I am also interested in pursuing a job opportunity in SG.

    • I just posted my cv at

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